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One Way Nomad was created by Thomas Kinnaird and Daniel Barraza to help individuals like yourself to become the best version of you, take life head on and live life to the fullest.

It was in November 2016 when Daniel and myself (Tom) met. Daniel was running a social enterprise cafe helping at-risk youth in western Sydney while I was managing a cafe just north of Sydney on the central coast.

Several months earlier before we met I had just applied for a working holiday visa for Canada. There was no real purpose as to why I chose Canada but it just seemed like a good and easy option – so I went for it whilst trusting my gut.

Once Dan and I met, things moved along quickly and before we knew it Dan was applying to get his visa for Canada too and together we were off.

Both sharing a strong sense of faith we knew we were taking the steps necessary to grow and expand our body, mind and spirit to get the most out of life

We sold all of our belongings, packed our backpacks and the world was ours as we flew out of Sydney in January 2018.

We started in Vancouver during a Canadian winter. We both got jobs and hustled through the cold for three months and after our short stop in LA/Vegas we decided to move over to Toronto on the east coast for another six months working in a lakeside resort.

After a short winter and long summer we came to the realisation winter was just not our “thing” and felt the urge to chase the burning sun, so we thought, South America “here we come!”

After leaving Canada we spent a month in the USA. We got ourselves a rental car and started driving from New York City to Miami, sleeping in the backseat of our car along the way.

The USA was amazing but we still had the itch for a little bit more adventure

Our next stop was Cuba and it was truly a life changing experience. We took so much away from Cuba and it really opened both of our eyes up to the wealth gap around the world. It was a reminder of how fortunate we are and how much abundance there was back home in Australia. And since we just come from the USA it was such a contrasting experience we will both not forget.

Now we are in South America on a trip through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru over the next six months.

Each day we are learning more and more about the world and all its unique ways of life

In essence we are an online blog community that exists to:
– create a conscious community
– encourage and engage fellow nomads
– allow space for creativity and inspiration
– help individuals find their passion
– provide various tools for growth
– offer guidance through personal mentoring

We exist for you!

Our whole mission and drive is to engage with like-minded individuals and go on this nomadic journey together. So please, take a moment to immerse yourself in our beautiful content and take for yourself what you need.

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