Top Places To Visit In Brazil 2019

Beaches, Nature and Culture

When we started our adventure to Brazil we really had no idea where to start. Apart from the ever so popular cities of Rio and Sao Paulo here’s our complete list of top places to visit in Brazil in 2019:

1. Recife, State of Pernambuco

Our first point of call was Recife and it stood as a beautiful welcome to Brazil. Having done little research before arriving we were quite surprised at how modern, clean and safe it was. Amongst the locals it’s a go to summer getaway and for tourists there are a number of places to visit and things to do. The golden sand beaches are lined with tall modern apartments, the historic district of Olinda is well kept and filled with artisanal markets, downtown comes alive with nightlife and there’s plenty of modern food options at a decent price range – what’s not to love!

Where we stayed: Cosmopolitan Hostel

How long should you spend there: 3 to 4 nights

Where to eat: Harina Cafe, My Burger, DOC Pizza Bar, Red Bake, Restaurante Marisqueria

Travel Tip: When in Olinda walk up the hill (no need for a guide) to the lookout then head down to the waterfront restaurants


2. Maragogi, State of Alagoas

You’ll find as you travel other travellers will share their favourite spots to visit and Maragogi was one of them. We thought we hit the jackpot with unspoilt white sand beaches, warm blue turquoise waters and hardly a foreign tourist in sight. This small beach town is considered an access point to the “Caribbean of Brazil” with only a few beachfront restaurants, day tours to nearby natural attractions and an overall very relaxed “chill” vibe.

Where we stayed: Hostel De Praia Maragogi

How long should you spend there: 5 to 7 nights

Where to eat: Restaurante Netun, Kedi Sorvetes Artesanais

Travel Tip: Take a bus from Recife to Porto de Galinhas then take a taxi or minivan to Maragogi (negotiate the best price)


3. Salvador, State of Bahia

As you walk through the historic first capital of Brazil you encounter the Afro-Brazilian roots of the nation filled with bustling culture, lively music and traditional food. In the centre of Pelourinho you’re surrounded by intricate Portuguese architecture, cobblestone streets lined with colourful market stalls and the sound of the Bahian drums echoing throughout. Come night time the city turns up the volume with street performances and live music in multiple bars and venues.

Where we stayed: Acai Hostel

How long should you spend there: 3 to 4 nights

Where to eat: Adiele, Casa Da Roca Bar

Travel Tip: Head to Bar Cruz do Pascoal for amazing sunset views and cheap beers


4. Itacare, State of Bahia

Having taken a ferry and bus throughout the day we arrived full of anticipation to the little known bohemian beach town of Itacare. As we walked down Rua Pedro Longo at night the cobble stone streets were filled with boho styled restaurants, mixed hippie surf storefronts, eccentric live street performers and an overwhelmingly peaceful energy. During the day go for a hike and swim at the many natural beaches just a few minutes walk from town, catch the sunset over a caipirinha at a beach bar on the sand and enjoy a night out at the popular Favela and Jungle Bar.

Where we stayed: Casa Blanka 2010 Eco Surf Guest House

How long should you spend there: 5 to 7 nights

Where to eat: Aqua, Restaurant Naturalmente

Travel Tip: To hike to Prainha Beach walk to the end of Praia da Ribeira, follow the water pipes on your right through the rainforest till the top of the waterfall bridge. Cross it and turn left then follow it until the crossroad. Turn right and walk past the small water stand, take the next right again through the rainforest and follow the path along the coast to the beach.


5. Paraty, State of Rio De Janeiro

Every blog we read mentioned Paraty as a must see destination and we couldn’t agree more. With its colonial historic centre and well kept Portuguese architecture you are surrounded by green mountain ranges and right on the edge of the bay. For a great day on the water head to the docks and take a boat tour to the pristine waters of nearby islands. Enjoy the many fine dining options enclosed in historic buildings and come nightfall roam the streets filled with markets, music and culture.

Where we stayed: Samba Canuta Hostel

How long should you spend there: 2 to 3 nights

Where to eat: Manue Sucos, Van Gogh Burgers

Travel Tip: There are free walking tours 10am and 5pm daily outside the main church square


6. Trindade, State of Rio De Janeiro

As we’ve mentioned before (read here) our favourite destination by far in Brazil is the exotic bohemian beach town of Trindade. As you travel down the steep mountain into town you are immediately struck by its overwhelming natural appeal of rich rainforest, unspoilt beaches and stunning waterfalls. Spend the day at the many beaches only a stone’s throw away from town, wander through the rainforest to the natural waterfalls and dance the night away on the seashore.

Where we stayed: Kaissara Hostel

How long should you spend there: 5 to 7 nights

Where to eat: Laranjas Bar

Travel Tip: Catch the bus to the Praia Brava trail and hike down to the waterfall. From there follow the river along to the beach (there’s also a nude section to the left)

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7. Iguazu Falls, State of Parana

As a bucket list travel destination and one of the new seven natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls is totally worth booking into your next itinerary. Spend a few days visiting the breathtaking waterfalls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian side, pop by the Parque das Aves (bird park) to come up close to a real Toucan and try some of the diverse cuisine each country has to offer.

Where we stayed: Che Lagarto Hostel

How long should you spend there: 2 to 3 nights

Where to eat: Tropicana Buffet

Travel Tip: Visit the Brazilian side and the Parque de Aves on the same day

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