Trindade – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Worries

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Worries

Don’t you just love coming across a hidden gem along your travels?

Surrounded by lush rainforest, nature filled beaches and bohemian vibes you truly do find yourself immersed in a small piece of paradise – Trindade, RJ.

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Getting to Trindade we began in Paraty – a beautiful seaside town known for its colonial historic centre and boat tours to nearby picturesque beaches. Paraty is definitely worth a visit for a few days, be sure to go out into town of a night when it really comes alive, with live music and street food you’ll be sure to soak up the culture.

From Paraty you can travel to Trindade by car or take a short 30 minute bus ride or minivan ($R5) that departs every hour

Staying for a week at Kaissara Hostel we found plenty of things to do in and around Trindade. During the day you can visit the many craft markets that line the main street and beaches, have lunch at the popular Laranjas Bar and go explore the natural beauty that is on offer.

One of our favourite spots was Praia Brava which to get to you must hike through a lush Brazilian rainforest. Along the trail once you get to the beach sign, take a left and you will find a beautiful waterfall (every time we went we had it to ourselves) or take a right to the beach which is completely surrounded by nature with no civilisation in sight!

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If you’re not brave enough for a hike you can always visit the local beaches scattered along the coast line, including Praia do Cepilho (good for surf), Praia de Fora (main beach), Praia do Meio (small bay) and Praia do Cachadaço.

Every beach has their own unique views of the surrounding rainforest with tiki bars, craft stalls and beach umbrellas to keep you cool but if you’re looking for something more low key follow the many trails to find your own piece of paradise.

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Trindade has no shortage of natural wonders including the Natural Pools of Cachadaco where you will find natural pools that have formed around the massive rocks.

TIP: Many tourists catch a boat there however you can also walk there via the nature trails along the beach and is best visited early in the morning as the sun rises over the Atlantic and the crowds of tourists are yet to arrive

If chasing waterfalls is what you’re after then a visit to “The Rock That Swallows” (Pedra Que Engole) is a must do and only a short 20 minute walk from town. You will come across different points of the waterfall where natural pools are enjoyed by visitors. 

At the main waterfall, climb the rock face and you will come to “The Rock That Swallows” where you can experience being sucked into a naturally formed crevice under the flowing water (looks dangerous but there is nothing to fear!). 

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TIP: For a truly beautiful and unique experience keep walking upwards from there and you’ll come into an oasis which has been said to be one of the high energy points in the area

The nightlife is also part of the experience with the main town closing at midnight and the beach bars opening their doors for an eclectic mix of music and people. Weekends are of course more lively and I’m sure you’ll find yourself dancing away on the sand into the sunrise.

Trindade was without a doubt our favourite hidden gem in Brazil!

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